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How to Choose Paint Colors

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Dunn-Edwards Paints

Los Angeles, CA. Dunn-Edwards Paints offers a variety of high quality how-to videos about painting that will help ensure success for homeowners. For those planning to hire a painting contractor, they’ll find topics like How to Choose Paint Colors [Video Below], Selecting the Right Gloss and How to Care for Your Painted Walls & Touching-up to be helpful. And, for the do-it-yourselfers, they can learn secrets from the pros from the videos like Prepping a Room for Painting, How to Paint a Ceiling and How to Paint Moldings & Trim videos. The painting technique videos feature professional painter Cole Schaefer, who offers insight on other topics such as How Much Paint to Buy, Why Prime?, Painting a Room, and How to Properly Dispose of Paint.

Interior designer Noelle Parks, whose designs have appeared on the prime time TV show Private Practice, is featured in the videos about color and gloss selection. “We get a lot of questions at the stores and on our Facebook page about how to choose the right color and gloss level,” said Amber Jones, marketing communications manager. “It’s important to consider how the space will be used as well as what colors people find appealing. Noelle conveys this, along with her design philosophy of ‘beauty meets function’, to simplify the process.”