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Laser Pain Therapy

Wonderful Life Centers is a pain treatment center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. All that we do is treat pain, both acute and chronic. Our proprietary laser is an FDA-approved pain solution that has the ability to reduce or eliminate pain. This non-surgical, non-invasive treatment procedure is comfortable and relaxing. Those reading this article can contact Wonderful Life Centers for one free laser treatment to personally discover for themselves the pain relief/elimination that they will experience. (please mention the article)

We also sell licenses for our proprietary product to medical practitioners who see the value of incorporating laser pain therapy into their existing practice and entrepreneurs who seek a recession-proof business opportunity. Through other unrelated entities we provide below-market-cost turn-key services, such as location assistance, operating procedures, web site development, advertising and branding. Through our school we provide training for certification of new operators (laserologists as they are known in Michigan).

Our business is highly unique. We have a proprietary and powerful laser formula that is unequaled in its effectiveness in treating pain without drugs, injections or invasive procedures of any kind. Thus, our clients feel extremely fortunate to acquire relief from terrible pain that they may have experienced for many months and even years. Our clients continuously share how they finally can golf again, sleep at night, work without pain, and enjoy their life, pain-free.

Drawing from our years of experience in other businesses, we were receptive to creating Wonderful Life Centers in ways that would honor our clients and grow our business. With no "models" to follow, we created all of our business procedures from scratch and fine-tune them each day. We proudly deliver the best results for our clients and also operate with a mindset of continuous improvement that allows us to better serve our clients along the way.
We decided to open our Wonderful Life Centers clinic after several years actively evaluating both the market opportunity and the technology of laser pain therapy. We learned that there are over 70 million people in chronic pain in the United States alone. We performed a substantial amount of due diligence and consulted with international experts in the field of laser pain therapy. We also treated many friends and family members to eliminate any personal doubts we had about the effectiveness of treatment protocols.

Our decision to locate in Farmington Hills was based on demographics, traffic studies, and the business climate of the community and local government. We found the City of Farmington Hills receptive and collaborative in all ways. This community really has embraced Wonderful Life Centers, and we appreciate the residents, area businesses, and the local government. We have since expanded with a location in Troy to serve a larger population in the greater Detroit area.

Our success has not been without a few challenges along the way. When we first opened Wonderful Life Centers, a physician came into our clinic in a very negative state of mind. He claimed that he was only at the clinic because a friend of his insisted that he try the free treatment that we offered to eliminate his knee and ankle pain. He simply did not believe that our treatment could get rid of his pain. Following his free treatment, we asked the physician to "move around and make it hurt." He walked around, and bent and twisted his knees and ankles, but failed to locate any pain. Finally, after a moment of silence, he looked at the laserologist and all he could say was "what did you do to me?" The answer, of course was, we got rid of his pain.

Our motto: "Delivering Pain Relief the Way you want it....without drugs or injections".


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