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Weight Loss Tips: Beverage Consumption

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Beverage consumption is an important factor to consider in any weight loss program.1 Many beverages contain a high sugar content. That correlates to a high calorie intake from sugars you don't need, which can contribute to weight gain and make weight loss difficult.

Drinking just one soft drink per day can make a twenty pound difference in your weight in less than a year. While many people engaging in a weight loss program replace soft drinks with juice, consider that an eight ounce cup of juice can contain up to 120 calories and many bottled juice drinks contain a lot more.

A better solution is to replace soft drinks and juice with fruit, water, and tea. This healthy choice lowers your calorie intake, provides natural fiber and vitamins, and is more filling. When it comes to a weight loss program, a New Year and a New You can start on any date!

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1. You should always consult with your doctor before starting a weight loss program.

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