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Starting a Business in the United States or Canada?

Due to the increase in unemployment and competition for scarce jobs, many people are starting their own business.

American Homes and Gardens provides the information and resources in this article to help citizens start a business in the United States and Canada

American Homes and Gardens encourages the entrepreneur to carefully review the information in the links provided in this article. They will direct you to resources that are relevant to starting a business in your local state or province. The majority of the resources are free and provide guidance to plan, register, manage, and perhaps finance your business venture.

The Business Plan

A carefully prepared business plan is an essential component to success! While drafting a business plan can be difficult, it will help you to define the business, the competition, and risk of entry. It will also help you to decide the proper legal entity for the business, which may be a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or one of several types of corporations.

Selecting the proper legal structure is a critical decision that is very relevant to liability and the amount of income taxes you will pay. A business plan will also help you to define the specific products and services your business will offer, production and service costs, identify the market, competition, and sales projections. A business plan is also a critical component for financing.

Citizens in the United States can request assistance from Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE). SCORE is a nonprofit association that is supported by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) that is dedicated to helping small business. Many of the services are provided for free or at a very low cost. The Canadian government also offers assistance to help start a business and to develop a business plan.

Business, Articles, Resources, USA For entrepreneurs seeking to start a business in the United States, the United States Small Business Administration website provides programs, services, and resources that will help you. The site provides information relevant to strategic planning, drafting a business plan, and free online training.

BusinessUSA, an official website if the U.S. Government, provides information to comply with state and local business regulations. The state and local page on BusinessUSA provides an interactive map of the United States. Simply click on the state where you plan to conduct business and you will be directed to that specific state government, regulations, business forms, free and low-cost training programs, financial assistance, and tools to help start and manage a business in that specific state.

Business, Articles, Resources, Canada The Canadian government also offers assistance to help start a business and develop a business plan. The Canada Business Network website, available in French and English, provides government services for entrepreneurs and offers a multitude of information relevant to starting a business in Canadian provinces and territories. Business planning templates and samples are available to help with each element of a business plan.

We hope the information in this article and the accompanying resources will help our readers interested in starting a small business succeed in that venture. We wish each of you prosperity.

~ American Homes and Gardens

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