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Flawless Foundation Routine

By Cassandra Bankson..................................
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Cassandra Bankson

Every woman should watch Foundation Routine Flawless Skin, the amazing makeup transformation video below! Cassandra Bankson, 19, was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and since a young age, has always had a passion for helping others.

During middle and high school, Cassandra developed severe acne that engulfed 85%-90% of her face. The ridicule from peers and classmates influenced her to leave public school to pursue private study. Cassandra became antisocial, distancing herself from peers, family, and friends due to her acne insecurities. She would do homework, pet her cats, and research YouTube makeup videos all day long, resulting in graduation two years early.

Cassandra learned how to cover her severe acne with cosmetics, allowing her to create "Flawless Foundation Routine". Through that discovery, she was able to become a model, and made it her mission to help others with makeup, confidence, acne and skin conditions.

Taking to YouTube as a Beauty Guru under the username Diamondsandheels14, Cassandra began creating daily YouTube videos to help others with makeup, acne and other embarrassing problems. Now, 25 million views later, she is exposing all of her secrets, tips and tricks to the online world, and living her dream of helping others with their insecurities, one YouTube Video at a time.

~ Cassandra Bankson
...YouTube Username Diamondsandheels14

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