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Cost-Effective Advertising for Home and Garden Product and Service Companies

Publishing a full page advertisement in the digital edition of American Homes and Gardens is an easy cost-effective advertising solution.  And you don't even need a website! This service saves our customers the cost of securing an Internet domain name, a web hosting service provider, and a website. It is also a great digital marketing strategy for companies that have an existing website and Internet marketing campaign.  Get Your Brand Out There!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Full Page Digital Magazine Advertisements on American Homes and Gardens include integrated search engine optimization strategies. While your web page is published on the American Homes and Gardens advertising platform, the Internet search results lead customers to your advertisement.

Target any local city!

Our consultants work with your company to develop relevant key words and strategies that produce high rankings in the Internet search engines. Most of our clients continuously rank on the front page of the Yahoo and Google search results.

House Risk Management and Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

Any Internet marketing company can implement a hit or miss advertising campaign for a new business. However, implementing changes to an existing Internet marketing campaign can present a significant risk to your company's position in the Internet search results. A cost-effective solution to avoid that risk is to publish an advertisement in the digital edition of American Homes and Gardens under extensions of our URL and link it directly to your website.

House Hyperlinks and Navigation

Your Full Page Digital Magazine Advertisement on American Homes and Gardens can be linked directly to your website.  In most instances your entire navigation system can be embedded into the advertisement.  This allows visitors on your American Homes and Gardens advertisement to navigate directly to specific pages on your website.

For example, the navigation system from the JLR website is embedded into that company's digital magazine advertisement on American Homes and Gardens.  On the left side of the JLR advertisement you will see subheadings (Home, Our Work, Landscaping Materials, etc.). Each subheading is an active navigation link to specific pages in the JLR Brickpavers and Landscaping website.  Click on the JLR image or link to see our work in action.

House See Our Work in Action

The Full Page Digital Advertisement for JLR Brickpavers and Landscaping appears under the URL

American Homes and Gardens Digital Landing Page Advertisement

House Advertising Policy

Advertisements that discriminate, contain profanity, pornography, religious views, political views, or unethical material will be rejected. Web page ads with links to discriminating and unethical content will be terminated.

House Financial Transactions

Financial transactions on are securely processed on, which utilizes advanced encryption and fraud security procedures. This services provides our customers with the ability to place secure financial transactions without sharing their financial information with any other party, including American Homes and Gardens.

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