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Finger popping, hand clapping and fresh harmonies abound in this new birthday single from Rufus Harris' upcoming album "Basics". "Happy Birthday to You" is a musical blend of pop, rock and jazz with bluesy undertones that will keep you humming all day long.

This video features an abbreviated version of the Happy Birthday to You song. Send this video to your family and friends to wish them a happy birthday. Words and music are by Rufus Harris and Denise Strong-Harris. Copyright Red Letter Records 2011 BMI.

The full version of Happy Birthday to You is available on iTunes and A portion of the proceeds will benefit 2 non-profits: Mercy-Partners and Christian Artists and Musicians Project (The CAMP). Also check out the Birthday Pooch Video with adorable dogs sporting birthday hats. For more info: or facebook - "New Happy Birthday Song"






















Words and music by Rufus Harris and Denise Strong-Harris

Copyright Red Letter Records 2011 BMI


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