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Detroit Famous Clothing

It's All About the People

Detroit Famous

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The city of Detroit was once known to be the Motor City Capitol of the World and for the musical talents that built Motown; we were second to none in these Industries. Over time, just like all buildings tend to wear, the city was hit with a recession and began to digress.

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After the dust has settled and we’ve sorted through all of the rubble, we found that the foundation was still intact and stronger than ever.

To rebuild you must have that solid foundation which starts with the people; and it’s well known across the map that Detroit houses the toughest people in the world. This is our belief and drive geared towards creating Detroit Famous.

Detroit Famous is not just a clothing line; we’re a trademarked name that represents the emotion, attitude and everyday struggle that each one of you put into rebuilding this once great and soon to be dominant Motor City. So when you ask what Detroit Famous is all about? We have only one simple answer to give you…

It’s all about the people.

We represent those individuals who not only have talked the talk but are walking the walk! Everybody has a story worthy of fame, what’s yours?

Detroit Famous

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