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American Homes and Gardens Magazine, Preparing Garden Tools For Spring,

Starting a Business in the United States of Canada?

Informative article with resources to help start a business in the United States or Canada.

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American Homes and Gardens Magazine, Preparing Garden Tools For Spring,

Making Beautiful Music Together

The Harris’s started a home recording studio incorporating video services and a record label to produce their own music and that of other independent musicians.  They now make music their business.

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American Homes and Gardens Magazine, Preparing Garden Tools For Spring,

Detroit Famous

Detroit Famous is not just a clothing line; we sre a trademarked name that represents the emotion, attitude and everyday struggle that each one of you put into rebuilding this once great and soon to be dominant Motor City. So when you ask what Detroit Famous is all about? We have only one simple answer to give you... It's all about the people

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Banner Ads

Banner advertising is available on landing pages in the digital edition of the American Homes and Gardens Magazine that are published in local cities across the United States. A wide assortment of colors, gradients, borders, and options are available.Advertising space is limited. Please click on the Banner Ad linkor call American Homes and Gardens at (800) 601-9970 for more information on cost and availability. More About Banner Ads

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Web Landing Pages

Web Landing Page Advertising

Search engine optimized web landing pages can target any local city in the United States. This service saves our clients the cost of securing an Internet domain name, a website, web hosting service provider, and is a cost-effective addition to existing advertising campaigns. Web landing pages can also link to any page on your company's website. Learn More

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Internet Marketing

While any Internet marketing company can implement a hit or miss campaign for a new business, unfreezing and implementing changes to an existing campaign can present significant risk. That is why American Homes and Gardens designed a system process based marketing model and employs consultants with professional business degrees and marketing expertise.

Unlike pay per click and telephone call marketing where business growth results in additional clicks and calls that increase marketing costs, the American Homes and Gardens Internet marketing model promotes business growth without the subsequent cost increase.  We accomplish this through search engine optimization (SEO) and the power of our advertising platform. Read More

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